Lamar Steen designed the Steen skybolt as a high school engineering project, and the prototype first flew in October 1970. The Steen Skybolt is an American homebuilt aerobatic biplane which has become popular as an amateur-built sporting biplane, with over 400 aircraft completed from construction plans and sold in over 29 countries. A Skybolt won the reserve grand champion custom built for the year 1979 at the experimental aircraft association air show in Oshkosh Wisconsin.

Seagull Steen Skybolt N250SB 1550mm is an outstanding replica of the original Steen skybolt and was created by Seagull models. It inherits the same appearance and great flight performance of the full-scale Skybolt. Built using balsa and plywood, the laser-cut design allows the airplane to be kept light. All major components of this model are factory built and finished and is one of the best aerobatic airplane.


Experience level Beginner and Intermediate Pilots

Wingspan 155 cm / 61 in

Wing area 66 / 1023

Overall length 122.4 cm / 48.2 in

Flying weight 4.2 kg / 9.3 lbs

Power system Nitro 2-stroke .90 or gasoline 15 cc, or electric

EP conversion Included

Radio 6 channels

Servos 6

CG (Centre of Gravity) 120 mm backwards from the leading edge of the top wing at the wing root.

Assembly time (approx.) 10 - 15 hours

Steen Skyblot N250SB -15CC (Silver- Blue)

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