The most successful aircraft in air racing history, Nemesis dominated its competition, winning 45 of its 48 contests from 1991 until its retirement in 1999. Flown by pilot and designer Jon Sharp, it won nine consecutive Reno Gold National Championships and 16 world speed records for its class.

Seagull proudly introduces the Nemesis 46 a quick to assemble, sport scale version for 50 sized power plants that is ready for high speeds and good flight performance.


- Realistic looks and performance

- Engineered for strength and light weight for added performance

- Fiberglass cowl and wheelpants for scale detail and durability

- Pilot figure included adding realism on the ground and in the air

- Covered in genuine Ultracote


Experience level       Intermediate to advanced

Wingspan                   142 cm / 55.9 in

Wing area                   33.2 sq dm / 514.6

Overall length                   117 cm / 46.1 in

Flying weight                   2.4-2.8 kg / 5.3-6.2 lb

Power system                     Nitro 2-stroke .40-.46 or 4-stroke .52-.72

EP conversion                     Accessories provided

Radio                                 4 channels

Servos                                   5

CG (Centre of Gravity) 10 cm from leading edge of the wing

Assembly time (approx.) 5 to 10 hours

Material                       Balsa

Nemesis NXT (46-55)

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