Wingspan approx.:  675 mm

Fuselage length approx.:  630 m

Weight (ready to fly):   570 g

Type of construction/material wing:   EPO

Type of construction/material fuselage:   EPO

Assembly Time appr.:   30 Min.

Top-Speed:   140 km/h

Flight time:   5 Min.

Box contents:

Accesories built-in/included: built-in

Motor:     BL 2215-3400KV

ESC:    40A (4mm Gold)

Servos:      2x 9g Servos

Propeller:  4.5 x 4.5E

Spinner:     incl

RC-Function/accessory rec

Aileron:    2x 9g (incl.)

(Motor:   1x 50A (incl.،

Needed to complete:

Radio:   min. 4-Channel

Receiver:    min. 4-Channel

Batteries:     DYMOND LiPo 2200 3S

P51 Strega 1070MM

  • Brand: FMS
  • Product Code: P51 Strega 1070MM
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  • 65.000 KD