Crane 2 Servo Follow Focus (mechanical) is a tailor-made external follow focus system for Crane 2 to control camera lens. It comprises of a follow focus motor and fixing clamp. Crane 2 Servo Follow Focus is compatible with various camera lenses. Crane 2 can control both the Servo Follow Focus and the camera in the cable mode. 

  • Allows Real Time Focus for all DSLR and mirroless Cameras
  • By connecting Crane 2 to ZY Play APP, you can use various options and focusing via the phone wirelessly
  • Quick installation: mount in 60 seconds

Follow focus for all Camera Series: Crane 2 Servo Follow Focus (mechanical) allows real time focus for all DSLR and mirroless cameras including Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Panasonic. Owning a Zhiyun Crane 2 mounted with the Servo Follow Focus, you will have a professional camera team with a focus puller on your side.

Wireless Follow Focus: Through connecting Crane 2 to ZY Play APP, various options and focusing can be achieve via the phone wirelessly, thus making more complex shooting possible.

Clear System Status Indicator: The red, blue and yellow system status indicators clearly show the stabilizer status, making troubleshooting problems more easily solved.

Quick Installation: Crane 2 Servo Follow Focus adopts fast installation design that allows you to mount in 60 seconds, sparing you a lot of time of painstaking reassembling.

Unobstructed Full Motion: With unobstructed motion between gears and rings, Crane 2 Servo Follow Focus enables real time focus through Crane 2 follow focus controller, thus unlocking shooting potentials by easily realizing high challenge follow focus. And Complete Set: Exquisite accessories like fine storage case, date cable and Allen Key come with Crane 2 Servo Follow Focus, making it easy to carry and keeping it from abrasion.

Zhiyun - CMF-01 Mechanical Follow Focus

  • Brand: Falcon Vision
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • 40.000 KD